USDA/APHIS Finalizes Rule Impacting Pet Breeders ... what does this mean for you?

As a puppy buyer you should be informed about the new changes to this law.  Simply put, no one except USDA licensed facilities are allowed to ship pets.  This means that if you are purchasing a Shiba pup and the seller claims they will ship your your puppy they must have a USDA license.  If you Google "USDA dog breeders" you will see why these places should be avoided.  I have always advocated visiting your breeder of choice before selecting a puppy.  You can see how the adult dogs are kept and witness their personalities and socialization.  USDA requires their breeders to keep the dogs on surfaces that can be disinfected.  Most of their breeders opt to keep the dogs in plastic coated wire cages.  They are breeding dogs to make a profit so the cages are kept full of breeding dogs with just enough room for the animal to stand up and turn around. Be very careful when purchasing a puppy on-line where the breeder is shipping you the puppy so you are not supporting a puppy mill operation.

We are able to fly into your airport and meet you there with your puppy.  Cost depends on the airline and when the flight is booked.  Starting at $300. US only.

Last Updated: May 14, 2014

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We are a hobby breeder of AKC/UKC Shiba Inu.  We have shown our dogs in AKC conformation and obedience events for over 25 years. This past year we have also shown UKC.  Our Shibas have proven themselves in the show ring and we have several home bred champions. We check our dogs hips, eyes and patellas through OFA and CERF to make sure our breeding dogs are clear from any problems. As of 2013 we will be sending the results into OFA so they can be published on their site as opposed to just having them available to customers who ask. Our dogs all go through several socialization and obedience classes.  We LOVE to talk about our dogs and will be happy to answer any questions you have on the breed.  You are welcome to come out and visit our dogs and puppies!   We highly recommend visiting the property on which you puppy was born and raised.  I do not recommend USDA facilities as the pups must be raised in a sterile environment that can be washed (plastic).  You cannot raise puppies in your home and they cannot be socialized with other pets and animals.  If you are unable to meet your breeder at their home, you may want to get a vet reference, check that they do indeed participate at events or are a member of a National breed club.

Also new for 2013 we have started showing at UKC shows.  The United Kennel Club is an established registry, formed in 1898.  They recognize a lot of rare breeds and have relaxed, family friendly events.  Since there are no longer people breeding and showing Shibas at AKC events here in MN, I will be doing a few more UKC events as I enjoy competing with my dogs.

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Keisho (top) and Taki (bottom) 

All of our Shibas are AKC registered. Being registered does not guarantee a good dog as there are many AKC dogs that have poor type and bad health.  If you are buying a puppy make sure the breeder screens their dogs for hereditary health problems.  A list of recommended tests for each breed is listed at www.offa.org