UPDATED April 25, 2019

 All puppies may not be listed, if we are still evaluating a litter for show potential.  If you are interested in a puppy in the future please fill out our questionnaire so we know a little about your family and dog experience.  This will help us to match you with the right puppy for your family and to answer questions you have about the breed.

Pups are current on vaccinations and worming and are family raised in our home.  We start house training at an early age and most of our pups are very close to being house trained when they go to their new families!

If you have any questions you may e-mail me at kayobishiba@gmail.com

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Alaskan Klee Kai are similar in size to the Shiba Inu.  They are a UKC recognized breed, not a mixed breed.  They are very social with other dogs.  They bond closely to their owners and require socialization as they can be very standoffish with strangers.

Two adorable gray and white males, I believe they both have brown eyes, born March 13th. One still available! Sire: Milo      Dam: Dazzle $1450 each

Shiba puppies are $1850 MN residents ad 6.875% sales tax, shipping/delivery to shows is available for an additional cost.  We do take deposits to reserve a puppy after we have received your questionnaire.    

Shiba puppies!

We have  CH Spirit bred to Mujina for April puppies.

Klee Kai Puppies!

We have boys available.  See below for photos and additional information.

Black & tan Shiba Inu boy, born February 23rd.

Sire Kayobi Jujutsui "Juju"

Dam: Firefox Nakaakinomeigetsu "Mei"





If you are looking to add a Shiba Inu or Alaskan Klee Kai to your family in 2019 please fill out a questionnaire as I have started a waiting list. Both Shiba Inu and Klee Kai litters are planned.  I can answer your questions and get to know your family in order to match you with the best puppy for your home.  

We have the following litters currently planned for 2019

  • Shiba Inu: CH Spirit and Buttercup -red male available.
  • Shiba Inu: UKC CH Juju and Mei -black & tan female available, black & tan male sale pending
  • Shiba Inu: CH Taiyo and Mujina - due April 8
  • Alaskan Klee Kai: Milo and Dovie -gray and white brown eyed male avialable.

You are welcome to come to our home to visit when puppies are available.  We do not allow visitors for unvaccinated puppies. Please e-mail for an appointment. Times that work best are usually between 9:00 am-3:00 pm  If your plans change or you cannot make it at the scheduled time please call and let us know.

 Please e-mail kayobishiba@gmail.com for more information about adopting one of our puppies. 

All photos are property of Kayobi Shibas and are not to be used or published on another site without written permission.

Ask us about our Extended Family program.  This is an opportunity for local families who are interested in showing and breeding purebred Shiba Inu or Alaskan Klee Kai to own a quality show dog at a low cost. We do not charge more for show puppies as a co-ownership is maintained.   I will be working with you and your dog to mentor you as you learn about the breed, showing and breeding dogs.   Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in learning more!  
  •  What Your Puppy Comes With.
  • Health Record, Current Vaccinations & Worming
  • Health Guarantee Hips, patellas, heart, eyes included
  • Temperament Guarantee
  • AKC registration Shibas UKC registration Klee Kai (for show prospects)
  • House training started.  
  • Puppy Information, Training, schedule etc...
  • Puppy Pack:Collar, Chewies, Toy, Blanket with mom's scent
  • Lifetime Support

 If you are flying in to pick up your puppy you will need to purchase you own carrier.  Ask the airline you are using what size carrier will fit as a carry on.  Each airline has different requirements.  The puppy must be 8-10 weeks old to fly with you.  If the puppy needs a health certificate, microchip or rabies vaccine these costs will be paid for by the buyer. All purchases in the state of MN are requires to pay 6.875% MN sales tax.

 Contact Information e-mail is preferred, if you do not hear back from us within 48 hours please re-send.


We always get people asking if their pup is a red or sesame.  Red and sesame Shiba pups have a smoky gray black color, that will disappear as they grow. The inside of the legs, tummy, chest and face will lighten a lot.  As the soft fuzzy baby coat is replaced their adult color will start to show.  Fully bright adult color is not achieved until they are about 1 year old. 

I also get asked about the full cheeks and beautiful looks of our Shibas.  Part of it is breeding, you will not get a puppy with a show type from puppy mill parents.  There is also conditioning that is involved as our show dogs are line combed and brushed weekly so their coat grows thick and plush.

Sesame?  Dark colored puppies are not necessarily Sesame. The puppy on the right is one of the two dark puppies in the next photo.  There are not many breeders in the US with correct sesame Shibas.

If you do not see what you are looking for please go to www.shibas.org and check their breeder referral list.  You may contact people in your area from that list and they will be  able to let you know of other reputable breeders in the area. 


Our vet will NOT do this procedure due to unnecessary health risks.  I have seen several dogs that I have sold who have been neutered before 12 weeks of age and they look significantly different from other Shibas in their litter. It has been known to cause an increase in orthopedic problems such as hip dysplaysia and patellar luxation, as well as incontinence issues!

Please read this information.

The time to spay or neuter is between 6 and 9 months of age.  I like to see them at least 18 to 20 pounds.