Grooming your Shiba.
Shibas have a double coat that sheds once or twice a year,  The outer coat is harsh and the undercoat is soft and thick.
You should get your puppy used to routing bathing at a young age.  I suggest putting your puppy in the tub with a couple of waterproof toys and gradually add warm water so he can play around. Gradually get him wet. There are many good puppy shampoos available and you should bathe and rinse him with warm water.  Towel dry and keep your puppy warm when he is finished with his bath and completely dry.
Dogs that are bathed frequently have less issues with hot spots and allergies.
I recommend a metal greyhound style comb and an undercoat rake for grooming tools. Do not furminate your shiba as that tool cuts the undercoat and will remove hair that is not ready to come out.
Instead I mist the dog with a spray bottle and use the metal comb to remove any small tangles.  Starting on the back legs push the coat towards the head with your left hand and comb the fur towards the tail in 1/2 in rows until the com goes through smoothly. This is called line combing.
If your Shiba is blowing(shedding) his undercoat you can remove it with this method or for faster removal use an undercoat rake working from head to tail.
After removing the loose coat a bath will have your Shiba feeling and looking great!