We got our first Alaskan Klee Kai in 2008.  


Many people are being scammed by puppymills and unethical breeders!

What is an Alaskan Klee Kai?

Klee Kai are a UKC registered breed,developed in the 1970's. They are now in AKC's Foundation Stock program and may be registered with the AKC! True breeders of AKK will NOT use other breeds or mixed breeds in their breeding program! AKK are not a mix of a Shiba, Husky, Pomeranian or any other breed. Because of their attractive look and small size many backyard breeders and puppy mills are trying to acquire them.  If they are not able to get an Alaskan Klee Kai they are attempting to create their own. You will find them listed as Klee Kai blends or Pomsky, Miniature Husky,etc…  Some of these mixes are not even small in size, but are 30-40 pounds as adults, the size of a smaller Siberian Husky.  Many do not look like an AKK when they are adults.  As with most back yard breeders or puppy mills they will not be doing any health testing on the parents. They are using photos of other breeds to promote their puppies and are charging twice what a purebred Alaskan Klee Kai would cost.  Alaskan Klee Kai puppies typically cost $1800 to $3000. The price varies according to size, coat type and coat and eye color.

Always make sure the parents of your puppy are AKC or UKC registered. All of our dogs are AKC/UKC registered and PR (Purple Ribbon) bred meaning all their ancestors in their pedigrees were UKC registered Alaskan Klee Kai. If possible go to the breeders and meet the breed.  See how big the parents are and in what condition the dogs are kept.  There are several breeders in MN advertising Klee Kai puppies that are selling mixed breed puppies.  If you are looking for a mixed breed puppy there are always many husky mixes available in local shelters.

We got our first Alaskan Klee Kai in 2008.  Klee Kai have a personality that is quite different from the Shiba.  They are very curious, playful and like a husky can be destructive.  They can also be quite vocal.  Unlike Siberian Huskies they are very cautious with strangers.  They may come up to sniff you or touch their nose to your hand, but typically will not jump all over a new person wanting to be petted.  In fact, most klee Kai prefer not to be touched by strangers at all.  They are very loving with their family.

Our Klee Kai typically fall in the 13" to 17" range and it is difficult to tell as puppies their exact adult size and weight as some have a slim build and others are chubby and even though 2 may be the same height their weight can be different by as much as 7 pounds.

Klee Kai can also have two different coat types.  The standard coat is shorter, while the full coat is very fluffy.

Below are a bunch of photos of our Klee Kai.  

Our Alaskan Klee Kai Boys
CH Wiebelhusky's On Eagles Wings "Arni"

Born July 4, 2013

Black & White

Sire: PR Niatok's Ball of Fire

Dam: PR Wiebelhusky's Jazzy

17" tall 21 pounds

Arctikkai Khaliban "Khal"

Born March 9, 2015

Black & White

Sire PR Arctikkai Juneau

Dam: PR Alasco's Soldotna

16" tall 18 pounds

KKC's Milo of Arctikkai "Milo"

Born December 12, 2015

Gray & White 

Sire: PR Rockies Karma

Dam: PR Itzy Bitzy Cassidy

14" tall 15 pounds

Kiki D's King of Soul "Otis"

Born July 2017

Gray & White

Sire: PR Boston's Red_E to Rumble at Aliak

Dam: UWP CH PR Kiki D's Foxy Aphrodite

Our Alaskan Klee Kai Girls
 PR Arctikkai Blue Diamonds

Born January 5, 2017

Black & White

Sire: CH Wiebelhusky's On Eagles Wings

Dam: Arctikkai Khimera

PR Arctikkai Magpie

Born March 8, 2017

Black and White

Sire: CH PR Wiebelhusky's On Eagles Wings

Dam: PR Arctikkai Mystique

CH  PR Arctikkai Lindy Lou

Born July 22, 2014

Black & White

Sire: CH PR Del Mar's Raiden

Dam: PR Alasco's Soldotna

PR Arctikkai Damascene "Dovie"

Born March 22, 2015

Gray & White

Sire CH PR Wiebelhusky's On Eagles Wings

Dam: PR Arctikkai Kristara

15" tall 18 pounds

PR Arctikkai Kharizzma "Khari"

Born March 9, 2015

Black & White

Sire PR Arctikkai Juneau

Dam: PR Alasco's Soldotna

15" tall 18 pounds

A Bit About Color:

Alaskan Klee Kai are recognized in all colors as long as there is a contrast between the color and light markings.  There are three basic colors, Black & White, Gray and White and Red and White.  There are various shades in each color.  The breed standard calls for them to be "Masked" with the color extending down the bridge of the nose and around the eyes being the most desirable, though lighter markings on the face are acceptable.  The mask should not be asymmetrical and the color on the bridge of the nose should not extend down the side of the muzzle. Many of the puppies with color extending down the sides of the muzzle are mixed breed puppies and buyers should be cautious and ask about UKC registration on the parents of these dogs.  Pure white or pinto marked dogs are not accepted for show or breeding,

Black & White: This is the classic color for most people when they think of a husky.  There are many variations from a jet black to a light shaded black.  A black & white puppy is born black & white.  The undercoat varies from black to a smoky gray.  Below are some photos of black & white puppies we have had.

Baby -  Artikkai's Lindy Lou 2014

Baby-  Arctikkai's Mikayla 2013

Gray and White:  Gray and white puppies have a much lighter undercoat compared to black & whites.  At birth they appear gray and white.  The undercoat color varies from a gray to almost white in silver gray pups. A lot of gray puppies also have a beige or even tan tint to their undercoat especially if they have red dogs in their background.  When I had Siberians we called these wolf gray or agouti pups.  At 6-8 weeks they can appear very light but as the guard hairs come in they will darken up. See our adult photos to see how much the color darkens!   Below are some photos of gray and white puppies we have had.
Red and White: Red and white dogs vary from a deep copper red to a dilute frosty red.   We do not have any red and white Klee Kai but since we have two males out of red and white dogs we may have some in the future!

Above-Mikayla and Marilyn .at the show 


Baby Arctikkai Chickadee 

Mikomi (shiba) and Chickadee (AKK)

Lindy Lou again. 

Sister to Kristara, now living in Oklahoma 

Fuzzy baby boy. 

Blue eyed baby 

Alasco's Solodotna. 

Blue eyed baby.